The Pros of Landscaping Using a Sod Lawn

22 Mar

The activity that alters the visible geographies of a land area is landscaping. Landscaping aims at making a piece of land look more attractive. To have land look more presentable and appealing is what people love to have. That need makes people invest in various ways to see that materialize. There are different ways to make the land look attractive. Planting flowers, adding ornamental structures and having a sod lawn are examples of landscaping. The sod is already planted grass. The sod is also called the turf grass. Sod can also be defined as grass and the soil beneath it that is usually held together in its roots.  There are several benefits that are associated with the use of sod for landscaping. To acquire more info regarding this advantages, read here.

The sod offers an instant lawn for landscaping. When installed the sod transforms a bare patch of land into a lawn that is grass covered. Having a yard green makes an individual have instant satisfaction. When an individual is not patient enough to wait for seed grass to grow, the use of a sod offers a quick fix. They are also more attractive and appealing. The sod offers a quick fix to a landscaping need. There is less need for irrigation when it comes to the sod and that makes it advantageous to use. Once a sod is installed, it requires less maintenance. The sod only requires frequent irrigation to have it moist. moisture must be maintained in a sod until the time when it becomes established firmly in the area. The sod will also not dry out faster as the seed grass area. Saving water is realized when an individual uses a sod because its need for less irrigation. The workload is reduced because less energy is required to tend to the new grass. Check Tampa Bay number one irrigation company to learn more.

The use of a sod lawn can be done quicker than a seed grass lawn. When the installation of the sod is done, the grass on the sod starts growing and can be used then. The sod has a growth head start that makes it ready for use. Within weeks the roots of the sod are usually established. The sod is best ready for use when the roots develop, but that is quicker than the seeded lawn. An advantage of the sod is that the landscaping effect is achieved at a quicker rate. The other benefit of using a sod lawn for landscaping is that it leads to soil protection. An established grass that makes a thick mat is a sod. This means that it completely covers the soil. The soil is kept in place by the sod lawn. Having the soils covered means that people carry less dirt and mud around the area. For more info, click here.

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